Ceramic Products

Machinable Ceramics
Machinable Ceramics
Excellent machinability. Fine machining with micron accuracy is possible.
Engineering Ceramics
Engineering Ceramics
Wide products ranges from high-purity Alumina to conductive ceramics are available.
Applied Ceramics
Applied Ceramics
Taking advantage of ceramics machining technology, one of our strengths is special machining/surface treatment technology for various metals.

Finished Products

Chucking plate
Chucking plate
Vacuum chucking plate made of porous ceramics to fix substrate for electronic devices.
Jacket Heater
Jacket Heater
Heater with excellent durability and thermal insulation to be used for semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, etc.
Thermal Insulating Ring
Thermal Insulating Ring
Thermal insulator for various hot sections in diffusion furnace, etc. in semiconductor-manufacturing processes.

What's New

October 5, 2010 :

PRECIOUS METAL PASTE CASE=Container=Jug Case=Containers=Jugs Up Date.

October 7, 2009 :
The optimum compound ceramics for plunger pump parts requiring high precision and high durability.
June 26, 2009 :
Our Yoshiaki Saitow assumed office as the new President.
April 1, 2009 :
Company name change from Mitsui-MMC to Ariake Materials Co., Ltd

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Machinable Ceramics

Engineering Ceramics



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