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Vacuum chucking plate made of porous ceramics

Chucking plates for substrates and thin films, utilizing properties of porous ceramics.

With semiconductor & electric device becoming more dense, thinner and smaller, this is the optimum vacuum chucking plate capable of fixing thin substrate and film evenly without making any dent.
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Bonding technology for porous ceramics + dense ceramics

Chucking plates


  • Great progress in bonding accuracy stability reducing aged deterioration and temperature change.
  • With the issue of gap in bonding boundary surface fixed by special inorganic bonding, no dent observed while chucking & pressurization.
  • flatness: 3μm(size Φ300)
  • lightweight, high rigidity

bonded portion

bonded portion (SEM photo voltage: 15kV
magnification: ×35)

  • dicing machine
  • back-grinding process
  • optical inspection equipment
  • coater
  • high temperature test equipment
  • heating equipment

*Standard porous diameter: 60μm
Materials with other porous diameter (10〜580μm) are also available.

Large size chucking plate

the largest so far: 950×760×20t(Porous portions are split.)

Partial chucking

  • Optimum for LCD manufacturing process
  • rubbing equipment, scrubber, conveying equipment, etc.

Partial chucking【AH vacuum chucking plate】

Partial chucking

  • Capable of chucking a work (object chucked) having different shape from the chucking plate made of specific porous ceramics (M-AH). (partial chucking)
  • Lightweight by frameless single-piece construction
    flatness: 5μm

Flexible applications switch such as a 12-inch chucking plate capable of chucking both 12-inch work and 8-inch work.

We, Ariake Materials Co., Ltd., have integrated production line from raw materials to final machining process. Optional features, etc. are available.