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Thermal Insulated Ring

High temperature thermal insulator in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, diffusion furnace, CVD equipment, etc.


Thermal Insulated Ring

  • The ring can be produced in accordance with shapes of silica tube and silicon carbide tube in furnace.
  • With Alumina fiber used in the ring, it has longer life than conventional one, which makes it possible to reduce replacement frequency of thermal insulator and amount of waste.
  • With the growing needs for grade with low-impurity, we developed the thermal insulating ring using low-impurity materials as outer cloth, inner filler and sewing thread.
  • Excellent sealing capability, hard to bond silica tube.
  • thermal resistance: 1250℃

Longer life than conventional ring made of silica fiber.
Reed-shaped filler is available to prevent particles.
*All products are baked prior to shipment to avoid possible smoking after installation.

Product details: Thermal Insulating Ring

Ceramic Fibers

Suitable materials for the leading-edge technology like fuel battery because of excellent thermal resistance and thermal insulation properties.

Five form types of Almax B are available

Ceramics Fibers

  Almax B (low-impurity) Almax B
temperature range(℃) 〜1200 〜1200
crystal phase δ-Alumina δ-Alumina
chemical composition Al2O3 :72% SiO2:28% Al2O3 :72% SiO2:28%
fiber diameter(μm) 7 7
bulk density (g/cm3) 2.9 2.9
thermal resistance(℃) 1100 1100
features low-impurity high mechanical
form yarn, cloth, sleeve, tape and felt(Almax B only)