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Jacket Heater

With the growth of wafer size, equipment size and pipe size are getting larger and there is a need to increase heating temperature of the heater to over 200℃.
Our Jacket Heater is not only capable of heating large-sized pipe/equipment efficiently but also has excellent safety, durability, energy saving and thermal insulation.

We are ready to design and manufacture custom-made Jacket Heater in accordance with customer’s specific request such as complicated shape, thin piping, etc.

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Jacket Heater

  • Excellent safety and longer durability with double electric insulation structure of ceramics felt and ceramics fiber braid adopted for heating wire.
  • Less dust particles because of outer coating materials made of various resin.
  • Minimum wiring pitch of heating wire is 5mm, which is vital for excellent properties of uniform heating.
  • Compared with rubber heater, the Jacket Heater needs less energy because of less heat dissipation.
  • Because of baking prior to shipment, the Jacket Heater emits almost no gas after installation.
  • Longer durability with higher flex resistance than conventional heating wires.
  • Adoption of the heating wire with double electrical insulation is our patent.

Jacket Heater

Jacket Heater (PDF)

Thin Pipe Jacket Heater (PDF)

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