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Ceramic Materials

Engineering Ceramics


  • Materials for industries such as semiconductor, FPD and electronic device.
  • Wide ranges of ceramics are available.
  • Optimum materials (type/shape) are selectable.
Oxide types

Engineering Ceramics


MA995(Alumina 99.7%)
Well balanced in mechanical strength, electrical insulation, wear resistance and price, this is the versatile high-purity alumina.
Large size (300×2400) parts are available.
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MA960(Alumina 96%)
Low price materials with excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance properties.
Optimum materials for crusher, wear-resistant parts, etc.
Materials with highest tenacity among ceramics and high mechanical strength.
Excellent wear resistance properties. 
  Standerd Products Rod (.pdf)
Photos of Capsule knife & Razor blade
L-TEX(ceramics with low thermal expansion)
Low price materials with low thermal expansion, high thermal insulation properties.
Excellent thermal shock strength.
Large size parts are available.
The optimum compound ceramics for plunger pump parts requiring high precision and high durability

Nonoxide types

Engineering Ceramics

MAN-170(Aluminum nitride 170W/m・k)
Materials with high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance.
Available for many applications such as heater soaking parts and radiation parts.
MAN-090(Aluminum nitride 90W/m・k)
Aluminum nitride without sintering additive (Y2O3).
Excellent corrosion resistance in fluorine plasma atmosphere.
Suitable for front-end process and chamber in semiconductor production.
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MAN-070(Aluminum nitride 70W/m・k)
Hot Press AlN
MSN(Silicon nitride)
Material with high mechanical strength, excellent thermal shock strength and excellent wear resistance properties.
Very reliable raw materials as structural materials.
MSC(Silicon carbide)
Materials with high hardness, self-lubricating properties and excellent wear resistance. High mechanical strength at high temperature.


























Standard Products

We have standard products of Machinable ceramics / Engineering ceramics, aiming to provide ceramics machining/processing manufacturers with these standard products. We’d appreciate your studying ceramics materials based on the standard products like aluminum, iron, steel, etc.

  Standard Products:

 Alumina (99.7%) plate materials

 Zirconia rod

 All types of Macerite series.

 In addition, machined ceramics and ceramics shape other than standard  are also available. Please contact us.


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