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"Reflector" for solid-state laser


Having high degree of whiteness and excellent light reflectance, the Macerite-S & -NT have been widely used as various reflectors in various fields including YAG laser oscillator.

wavelength 500nm 800nm 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Macerite-S 95.7 96 96.2 96.4 97.5
Macerite-NT 95.8 96.4 97.6 97.4 98.5

Reflector (PDF)

Applied Ceramics

Ultra-fine hole drilling


Min. hole size φ20μm

Machining Tolerancehole diameter±5μm、hole positioning±5μm

* Hole drilling with high precision diameter/positioning in machinable ceramics is realized with special carbide drill.

* The leading-edge ultra-fine machining technology is available for key components in semiconductor/LCD inspection equipment.

Applied Technoolgy - Micro pore processing

φ20μm hole (magnified photo)

Applied Technoolgy - Micro pore processing


"Ultra-fine slit machining"

MaterialsMacerite-HSP, Zirconia

Min. slit width24μm

Machining toleranceslit width ±2μm, slit pitch ±2μm


Applied Technoolgy - Micro pore processing

φ24μm slit (magnified photo)