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Privacy Policy

Ariake Materials Co., Ltd. ("amc" hereafter) promotes and maintains the following Privacy Policy (personal information protection policy) with respect to personal information of customers and other interested parties (customers hereafter). “amc” defines the personal information in the Privacy Policy as name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, company name, department name, title, occupation, etc. that are necessary for inquiring.
“amc” does not recognize information relating to access analysis (IP address, link source, OS, browser, etc. ) as the personal information.

1. Collection, use and provision of the personal information
“amc” collects the personal information directly from customers, disclosing explicitly the purpose of the collection in advance. The personal information acquired directly from customers through inquiry forms and e-mails is used only within the scope of the intended use clarified to the customers in advance.
2. Intended use of the personal information
The personal information provided is used for a reply to an inquiry, etc. When there is a need to use the personal information for purposes beyond the scope of the intended purposes, “amc” notifies relevant customer of the matter in advance and obtains the customer’s consent before using the information.
3. Provision of the personal information to third party
“amc” does not disclose or provide the personal information to third party except in the cases below.
* Information provider gives prior consent.
* Public institution requests the disclosure based on applicable laws/regulations.
4. Disclosure, correction, disuse, etc. of the personal information
Confirming personal identification, “amc” promptly, within reasonable range, complies with customer’s requests of disclosure, correction, disuse, etc. of the personal information held by “amc”. For any inquiry on disclosure, correction, disuse, etc. of the personal information, please send us email at kawashima@ariake-materials.co.jp
5. Control measures to protect personal information
In order to attain the following policies, “amc” strives to implement appropriate security policies such as enhancing handling standards for personal information safety control and consolidating the implementation system.
* While keeping accuracy of the personal information and making it up-to-date, “amc” holds the personal information under strict control.
* “amc” safeguards the personal information from unauthorized access, leakage, loss, damage, etc.

Toshio Hamasaki

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