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Environmental Activity

We have been continuously making improvements in both the

product quality and the global environmental protection.


   ISO9001 approval in 2001

   ISO14001 approval in 2002


                          ISO-9001取得 ISO-14001取得  ISO-9001取得 ISO-14001取得

                         JQA-QM7602 JQA-EM2860




Safety Standards

  • CE approval for Jacket Heater in 2008
ISO 9001

Quality Policy "Excellent products, quick delivery, less cost, without fail"

ISO 14001
Ariake Materials' Environment Philosophy

 Recognizing the importance of the global environmental protection and harmonizing the global environment and economic growth, our company contributes to the realization of the sustainable society.

Ariake Materials' Slogan

 We aim to be the Company that is friendly to humans and the Earth.

Ariake Materials' Environment Policy
  • In carrying out our business, the production and the sales of the Advanced Enabling Materials based on fine ceramics, we actively strive for the items below to promote the environmental protection.
    • ・Promoting production and sales of the Environmental friendly products
    • ・Promoting natural resources saving and energy saving
    • ・Reducing wastes and promoting recycling
    • ・Reduction and control of non Eco- friendly substance
  • Establishing the system to protect the Environment, we continue improving the system and prevent pollution.
  • We comply with environmental regulations and agreements with the persons concerned.
  • In promoting these activities, we set up the environmental goal and review the goal periodically.
  • While carrying out and maintaining the policies, we notify all employees of those.
  • We disclose the policies to the public and try to maintain communication and harmony with them.