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About Ariake Materials

It is the origin of our company to have started the raw materials research at Mitsui Mining Tagawa branch in 1979. Over the past 30 years, we have been seriously responding to diverse demands/seeds of the market and tackling the materials development, production and sales. What underlies there is “Human power” of each staff and “Materials power” created by the staff.
Making the most of these two big powers, we continue to assist customer’s problem resolution.

The Strength of People & the Strength of Materials

Company Outline

Trade name:
March 1993
100 million yen
Masami Matsukizono
81 (as of December 2008)
Head Office:
15-6 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 103-0026
Business area:
・Production, machining and sales of machinable ceramics
・Production, machining and sales of engineering ceramics
・Sales of ceramics fiber and processed ceramics fiber
・Sales of materials for lithium-ion secondary battery electrodes
・Others relating to above


October 1979:
Started fine-ceramics research in Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd.
March 1985:
Developed machinable ceramics “Macerite-S”
June 1989:
Expanded Macerite materials as series products of Macerite-S, Macerite-SP, etc.
March 1993:
Former Mitsui-MMC was founded as a subsidiary of Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd.
September 1995:
Entered into engineering ceramics market in addition to machinable ceramics market.
May 1996:
Started production and sales of PTC powder.
April 1997:
Expanded engineering ceramics production and processing.
June 1999:
Started sales of materials for lithium-ion secondary battery electrodes.
September 2001:
New plant, Omuta Precision, was in operation as a full line factory.
December 2001:
ISO-9001 approval (No.JQA-QM7602)
December 2002:
ISO-14001 approval (No.JQA-EM2860)
April 2005:
Started production and sales of Jacket Heater.
April 2008:
Establishment of Kitaiso plant as a production base for Jacket Heater
April 2009:
Company name change to “Ariake Materials Co., Ltd.”